Focus of the company:

  • Projects
  • Realization of complete technological units
  • PC and PLC programming
  • Data archiving and processing
  • Single purpose devices manufacturing
  • Test equipment manufacturing
  • Switchboard manufacturing up to 1000V
  • Machinery overhaul
  • Technological lines adjustment
  • Assembling and working desks manufacturing

Business activity:

  • Manufacturing, installment and repair of electrical devices
  • Manufacturing and assembly of electrical parts for single purpose devices
  • Control process producing for machines and devices
  • Retail and wholesale in free trade
  • Advertising activity
  • Electrical installation
  • Locksmithery and welding
  • Custom or contract based mechanical adjustments –machinery and single purpose devices innovations and overhaul
  • Engineering in development of electrical equipment
  • Electrical equipment design up to 1000 V in class A
  • Control machines programming
  • Mechanical engineering – machine and construction design in CAD
  • Metal-working – mechanical parts manufacturing
  • Production and installation of metal structures – installation of aluminum profile structures
  • Single purpose machinery manufacturing – from design to initialization
  • Engineering in pneumatic equipment development
  • Pneumatic circuits design and installation

PLC systems, s.r.o.
Štúrova 1, PO BOX 90
018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom
tel: +421-905-899481

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