Completed projects

Several companies are satisfied with our products. They are made out of world-class components. Our customers are companies such as:

Adient Trenčín s.r.o.:

  • Development and production of car seats and restraints testing equipment – visualization and archiving of the testing process in Dasy Lab’s SW environment
  • Production of machinery subsets for crash tests

Gleistein Slovakia s.r.o. Trenčín:

  • Repair and modernization of various semi machines, testers and stations of machines for manufacturing ropes
  • Electricity design of manufacturing hall
  • Electricity installation of manufacturing hall, production and installation of switch boards
  • Reconstruction of the lighting in manufacturing hall

Timm Slovakia, s.r.o. Trenčín – Nozdrkovce:

  • Various semi machines manufacturing, testers and stations of machines for the production of marine and fishing ropes
  • Development and production of measuring and dividing rope equipment, for example: Triple ultrasound rope divider
  • Production of equipment for monitoring granulate in silos
  • Production of rope unwinders and winches
  • Overhaul and reconstruction of manufacturing equipment – (complete reconstruction of mechanics, pneumatics i.e. electric parts including control system)
  • Production of impregnating equipment for marine ropes

Leoni Slovakia, s.r.o.:

  • 4 x extruder line (complete remake of electric equipment, control via RS Simatic visualization Control Web, regulation of temperature, pressure, metering length, line speed, etc.).
  • Production of specialized testers for cable confection (electrical and mechanical properties of products, self-test, RS Simatic rank od 300 + OP + printing and archiving of the course of production on PC)
  • Production of various semi machines and stations of machines for the production and testing of cables
  • Production of packers - tapping and binding of fabricated cables
  • Refurbishment of production facilities – (complete reconstruction of mechanics, pneumatics i.e. electric parts including control system)
  • Production of unwinders and cable trays (total length up to 200m) for extruders
  • Production of conductive measuring drum brake shoe based on copper castings for VN measurement of electrical surface resistance of cable ends
  • Assembling and working desks manufacturing

Panasonic Industrial Devices Slovakia s.r.o.:

  • Production of cover removing manipulators
  • Production of equipment for cleaning and rotation of impulse source

ContiTech Vibration Control Slovakia spol. s.r.o.:

  • Repair and modernization of cutting-off devices and testers

ETOP Slovakia  s.r.o.:

  • Repair and commissioning of technological lines with RS Simatic S7 and S5

ZF Sachs Slovakia, a.s. Trnava:

  • Metal-working safety casing
  • Air-conditioned chambers

FeMaDa, s.r.o.:

  • Overhaul and reconstruction of woodworking manufacturing equipment - (electric parts including control system)

S-H mess, s.r.o.:

  • Design and production: climatic chamber for precision measuring devices - suitable for difficult production conditions

Delta Elektronics, s.r.o.:

  • Assembling and working desks manufacturing - various versions
  • Burn-in chamber manufacturing
  • Production of specialized testers, stents and working preparations

Elektorarbon, a.s. Topoľčany:

  • The hardening autoclave (management and data archiving via PC and SW equipment
  • Control Web, complete supply of mechanical and building parts
  • Specialized testing stents:
  • production of new
  • reconstruction of the original
  • Electric equipment and realization of assaying from the main flow up to the test stents
  • Relocation of manufacturing devices and modifications to current STN EN
  • New switch boards manufacturing approx. 30 pc

Bell  s.r.o. Dubnica nad Váhom:

  • Contact fields
  • Mechanical parts and labor products manufacturing

Magna Slovteca s.r.o.:

  • Burn-in chambers manufacturing
  • Assembling and working desks manufacturing
  • Test equipment modification
  • Production of semi machines for trimming sprues

SONY Slovakia, s.r.o.:

  • Semi machines for laser welding of screen guns
  • Semi machines for resistance welding of screen guns

Drevopal, s.r.o.:

  • Device for marking pallets

Visteon Slovakia, s.r.o.:

  • Production of mechanical parts and labor products
  • Test equipment modification

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